What is a Fractional or Virtual CTO?

A Fractional CTO or sometimes referred to as a Virtual CTO, is, as the name implies, a CTO that is not a full-time employee and utilized like other on-demand services, on a part-time, retainer, or as-needed basis. Many companies are finding that a part-time CTO is often a smart choice.

Why Do I Need a Virtual CTO?

Most organizations, at some point, will need a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Maybe you manage a growing company or startup and don't need a full-time CTO, cannot afford a one, or you require IT leadership and management for your staff. Or, maybe your CTO just left or is on temporary leave and you need a capable fill-in. A part-time CTO can help.

What can a Fractional CTO do?

A Virtual CTO does many of the same tasks that a traditional CTO does:

  • Developing technology through the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Create technology road maps
  • Cyber security assessments, penetration testing, remediation strategies 
  • Project management
  • Sprint planning
  • Automated Event Management
  • Vendor management
  • Outsourcing
  • Management reporting

Also, an experienced Fractional CTO can provide the necessary straight-forward communication between your development and operations teams, and business leadership. In a startup environment, an experienced CTO can be critical for fund-raising and building relationships. Utilizing a Virtual CTO improves a company's profile without excess overhead, pending funding.

How is it more efficient?

It comes down to 3 reasons:


A Virtual CTO has most likely been in the industry for 10 years and can at once give the technology leadership you need.  It can save you the headache of trying to solve technical issues on your own. Also, they're dialed into your business and systems with access to the talent needed to manage any problem that may arise. A Virtual CTO is your IT team quarterback.

Cross-Domain Knowledge

Most technology issues have similar solutions. When you create solutions from scratch you are potentially wasting time and money. A Fractional CTO generally has many clients, all of whom are facing the same issues with reusable knowledge, reducing the research and implementation costs across the board.

Lower Overhead and Technology ROI

By using experience and leveraging cross-domain knowledge the number of hours needed to manage your technology resource is reduced. Using automation tools and centralized reporting the learning curve is lower. Payroll and office expenses are lower, as this is an on-demand or fixed-cost arrangement.

BTC offers Fractional and Virtual CTO Services

With years of experience and access to emerging technologies as business owners and technology consultants, we are excited to offer CTO services to our clients. It's easy and can be contracted as on-demand, or anywhere from a 10 - 40 hours per month retainer.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

All our contracts are month-to-month with payment due at the beginning of each month.

Pricing Structure

There are 4 levels of services:

Service Description
On-Demand Immediate Issues, Strategic Planning, Technology Road maps
Start-up Your CTO of record. Product planning, MVP definition and scope. Meet with Investors, Presentations
Advisor Consulting, training, vendor management, project planning
Fractional CTO Full CTO Services on a contract basis

Please contact us for a free consultation, and we can recommend the right plan for your needs and budget. You can also read more about our Virtual CTO Services.

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