What is a Cyber Vulnerability Scan (CVS)?

Vulnerabilities have plagued operating systems and software applications since the earliest days of computing With the advent of the internet, and the reliance on it for global commerce, criminal attackers have realized the monetary payback of cyber-crime, and now cyber attacks and breaches are all too common.

A vulnerability scan is an inspection of the potential weaknesses in the security of a computer network. This allows you to remedy the flaws before they are discovered by someone else who might attempt to break into their systems.

You can think of a CVS as checking your locks, alarm and motion detectors at your home or office. Computer network vulnerabilities arise from inestimable sources, which are constantly changing, such as errors in software programming, utilizing outdated software or hardware, poorly configured firewalls, and lack of, or weak passwords.

Our CVS only requires the details of your policyholder's externally facing internet protocol (“IP”) addresses, in order to examine for known vulnerabilities. So, it sees only what an outside intruder would see (like your locks, alarm and motion detectors) and tests the perimeter security with no work required by you.

The CVS provided by Bootstrap Technology is a proprietary network/port scan designed for the insurance industry and is accurate and cost effective.


The CVS is offered on a once-off or monthly basis. It is highly recommended that you opt for monthly scans, as vulnerabilities and cyber attacks are continuously evolving.


A report is produced, sent to the company, which categorizes and ranks the results according to severity. It is then crucial that your policyholder consult with IT specialists to resolve the vulnerabilities. Specific remediation recommendations are outlined in our scan. Remember that the CVS tells you that your lock is broken, the critical step is then to repair it.

Insurer Dashboard

Policyholder results are summarized in a customizable dashboard designed with input from top cyber underwriters.

How does our Cyber Vulnerability Scan help Underwriters?

Insurance companies are often faced with providing cyber risk and cyber liability insurance without a complete cyber security review. Using the Bootstrap CVS is an unobtrusive, quick way to get valuable insights into a prospective client's cyber security profile and identify areas for improvement. All data is summarized in a flexible dashboard designed specifically for underwriters.

How does our CVS help Insurance Marketing, Sales, and Customer Retention?

Insurers, agencies, and brokers offer the BT CVS as a valued added product or service to their policyholders across all product lines. This is a valuable differentiator, raises cyber awareness and knowledge, and provides actionable steps to improve policyholder cyber security. The reports and scanning service can be private labeled with your branding.

Is this Cyber Vulnerability Scan in use now?

Yes. Insurers and brokers in Europe and South Africa are using the CVS to provide value-added and a differentiated service to their policyholders. With the insurer dashboard, underwriters, business development and marketing teams can identify trends, and use these results as out-reach opportunities.

Who is Bootstrap Technology?

Bootstrap Technology is an IT security company focused on the insurance industry. We provide security services to insurers and brokers looking for ways to mitigate risk in cyber liability and commercial lines insurance, and we’ve tailored our CVS for the insurance industry; it’s designed to provide unique insights and data regarding compliance, exposure, and risk.

Can we get a Demo?

Absolutely. Please use this link to schedule a 15-minute introductory call. We can schedule a demo and organize a free scan for you or one of your policyholders.

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