Cyber Security Services

Tools that help underwriters and brokers manage cyber risk

In today's connected world and with the increase in compliance and data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR, CCPA) protecting your systems from malicious intrusion is no longer an option or a "nice-to-have". BT Cyber offers a variety of cyber security tools and services that help prevent hacking, breaches, ransomware, and data destruction. Cyber Security is everyone's responsibility.

It all starts with a Cyber Vulnerability Scan

The BT Cyber Vulnerability Scan is non-intrusive, requires no hardware installation, and is completed externally. Each result includes:

  1. A Summary with a Compliance Score. The compliance score is a rating of 0 - 10. The minimum for compliance is 5 with 0 being the best score available.
  2. A Complete Detail Report. Each Vulnerability is identified, explained, and provides recommended remediation solutions that can be completed by the policyholder.
  3. Sample Reports are available.

What is a Cyber Vulnerability Scan (CVS)?

A vulnerability scan is an inspection of the potential weaknesses in the security of a computer network (more...)

Find out where you stand - Before the bad guys do.

There is no easier way to determine your cyber security posture than our vulnerability scan. Underwriters can get an overview of all policyholder scores in a secure, customizable dashboard.

Who should use this scan?

Insurance underwriters, brokers, and business development teams

Designed with input from top cyber underwriters, the BT Cyber Vulnerability Scan (CVS) can be provided by carriers and brokers as a value added service to their policyholders. These reports can be private labeled and are mailed monthly to your policyholder. In a crowded market, these scans are a great differentiator.

Insurer Dashboard

As part of BT Cyber services, insurance clients have access to a customizable dashboard that summarizes, trends, and scores the results of all insureds in the CVS program. It includes report templates based on feedback from top cyber underwriters, the Insurer Dashboard provides an unique aggregate view of your potential exposure.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB/SME)

As one of the largest markets for cyber liability insurance, assessing the risk and cyber security posture of your current and potential clients can be difficult and costly. With our innovative subscription model, insurers can have access to as many the BT Cyber Vulnerability Scans they need to get for new policies and renewals. Best of all, policyholders love it.

How It Works

  1. The policyholder completes a one-page consent form listing all known IP addresses and domains (e.g.
  2. Within 48 hours the policyholder receives the results via email
  3. All results are updated to the secure Insurer Dashboard

If a policyholder doesn't know their IP addresses, we can determine those for them - no additional charge.

For more information about our how CVS can help insurers, please see the CVS page. To request a free, no-obligation consultation, and see case studies of how BT Cyber CVS Program is helping insurers, contact us.

Other Cyber Security Services

  • Web Application Scan
  • DMARC Scan
  • Mobile Device Protection
  • Cyber Awareness Training

Cyber Security Services that support Risk Mitigation

It's never too late to identify your cyber security posture and exposure. The cost of ignoring cyber security is more than a restless night's sleep. It could be catastrophic.

If you're a small business and looking to improve your cyber security, please visit