Cyber Vulnerability Scans

Evolving your Cyber Liability Policy with the integration of technology

Insurer Benefits

Many Cyber Insurers and Underwriters are only on-boarding cyber policyholders with standard proposal/application forms, exposing them to unidentifiable risks.

There is a lack of continuous visibility with regard to cyber policyholder's computer systems.

Many cyber risk management solutions are invasive and too expensive for policyholders especially SMEs.

Many cyber policyholders are unaware of their cyber security posture and how to improve it.

Tangible security risks associated with policyholder's computer systems are not being taken into account.

Reduce Cyber Liability Exposure with Integrated Technology

A simple 3 step process



Identification of client's security posture with vulnerability scans



Mitigate risk with comprehensive remediation actions



Establish a risk portfolio with continuous scanning and data analytics

The future of cyber liability is here now

1. Risk Identification

  • Identify Possible Risks

  • With the use of an a non-intrusive vulnerability scan that is done remotely
  • Quick Results

  • Once approval received all scans complete in 36 hours or less

2. Provide Mitigation

  • Technical Vulnerability Report

  • Reports outlining vulnerabilities, their impact to the business and steps on how to remeditate are sent to the insurer and policyholder.
  • Increased Accuracy

  • Security trends are outlined to ensure the policyholder has addresses issues found in each report.

3. Reporting and Analysis

  • Provide Visibility

  • Dashboards provided to insurer, outlining each policyholder, their reports, risk trends and analytics associated as such.
  • Continuity

  • Fully Automated and customized reports provided on a monthly basis.

Customizable Insurer Dashboard

Dashboard View 2

4. Designed for Specifically for the Insurance Industry

  • Used By Top Insurers and Brokers

  • Recommendations and Endorsements Available on Request
  • White Label and Private Label with insurer branding
  • Accurate and Affordable
  • What is a Cyber Vulnerability Scan?

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