About BTC


Bootstrap Technology Consulting is a team of technology and cyber security professionals that have been providing solutions and services to businesses around the world with a focus on the insurance industry since 2000. Often over-looked, we look for innovative products and services that can be tailored and designed for the unique needs of insurers. From managing ALE (Additional Living Expense), inventing a new class of insurance, to creating the first insured data security platform. We help companies improve technology, manage costs and find new opportunities.

In our increasingly connected and on-line world, new risks emerge and cyber security has become increasingly an important topic. Unfortunately, many of the tools and services to properly identify weaknesses, prevent cyber attacks, and assess policyholder risk are too expensive and not available to small and medium-sized businesses.

It's our mission to leverage technology and provide risk mitigation tools that are affordable, accessible, and actionable. Cyber Security is everyone's responsibility.

Tech Can be Painful. IT Doesn't Have to Be.

Our programs can reduce costs, improve security, and manage your IT resources effectively.